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Design Packages 1 & 2 only

Garden Design

We design gorgeous green spaces that do more than just look good, they nourish people & the places they’re nestled in. 

 We specalise in designing edible landscapes & wildlife friendly spaces that are planted with the planet as much as people in mind. Our gardens celebrate materials gathered as close to sites as possible (if not in them already!) & support local skilled craftspeople in creating them from chain-saw sculptors to dry-stone wallers & metal workers.  Our gardens open the senses to the wonders of the wild by bringing it closer to home whether it be with a berry filled border for birds, a pond to sit & watch dragonflies dart by or a carpet of herbs buzzing with bees.

Bringing together diverse skill sets & experience from formal Horticultural training with the Royal Horticultural Society & an academic grounding in Zoology, Conservation & Sustainability with practical hands-on skills including; Permaculture Design, Estate & Historic Garden management with the National Trust, community gardening, horticultural therapy & ancient crafts from living willow work to dry-stone walling – we offer a unique & forward-thinking approach to breathing life into spaces.

Our showcase garden – The Garden of Re-Imagination is an open air-sketch pad of design ideas & the opportunity to re-imagine what’s possible for green spaces big and small! This edible garden paradise is open for tasting from June to mid-Sept as part of the West Cork Garden Trail with botanical themed accomodation nestled inside the grounds for seasonal escapes.

Client Testimonial

“Two Green Shoots worked closely with us to deliver a design that was ambitious, functional, beautifully designed, but best of all it was achievable. Thanks to the Design Realisation Guide we were able to begin work immediately & by breaking our design into zones with timelines & estimated costs it’s given us a step-by-step process to get stuck into!   We are so excited to complete this project and enjoy the amazing spaces Two Green Shoots have designed – we can’t wait to get them back in when we buy our next two acres!”

4 Garden Design Packages

Our Design Packages all focus on inspiring & enabling you to create your dream garden yourself whether that’s a few inital ideas to get started, help assessing or positioning your current ideas or full master plans, planting & maintenance plans to guide you every step of the way.

By rolling the sleeves up & getting stuck in yourself you’ll develop a much more in-depth understanding of your new garden, an incredible appreciation of the space & huge satisfaction having lifting it off paper & into place!

If you’d like more advice & support as you build your new garden – Package 4 gives you an extra helping hand, we can visit to mark out features on site, position plants or meet contractors.

Our packages are available individually or can be added together depending on you & your project needs.

Package 1

Virtual Design


1hr Virtual Design Consultation

Annotated Sketch Design (not to scale).

1hr Virtual Presentation & Q&A session

Set price: €545

Package 2

Ideas & Inspiration


1hr Design Consultation (in person)

 Basic Site Assessment (in person)

Annotated Sketch Design (not to scale)

Mood boards

List of initial plants & materials to get you started

1hr Design Presentation & Q&A (virtual)

Package priced to your requirements & project size, starting from €1,000

Package 3

Design & Plan


1hr Design Consultation (in person)

Detailed Site Assessment (in person)

Concept Design & Mood Boards

Design Master Plans (to scale) & Detailed Planting Plans

Design Realisation Guide.  Our unique ‘how to manual’ enabling you to bring your new design to life yourself, covering everything from the paths to the planting!

Bespoke Planting Care Calendar.  A month by month guide tailored to your new garden covering everything you need to care for & continue to develop your garden over the months & years ahead.

1hr Final Design Presentation & Consultation (virtual)

Package priced to your requirements & project size, starting from €1,500

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Package 4

Build – Advice & Assist


2 – 4 site visits.  Can be used for marking out design features, plant placing, meeting contractors, site checks, snagging or other items as agreed in advance.

10 – 20 hrs support time from our dedicated staff as you work through your garden build.  Can be used for calls, answering questions, making small design adjustments or other items as agreed in advance.

Package priced to your requirements & project size, starting from €1,750

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We’re proud to be quality assured and accredited by the Garden & Landscape Designers Association.


What geographical area do your services cover?

We offer packages 2, 3 & 4 across Cork & Kerry, however if you love what we do, do get in touch as we occasionally take on special projects further afield!  Package 1 is available anywhere as it’s completed entirely virtually.


Do you create low maintenance gardens?

We design the ultimate low maintenance gardens!  Spaces that work with nature rather than against & build in self-sustaining systems for example, plants that feed each other; natural watering systems as well as perennial plants, shrubs and trees that will grow for years to come.  Do bear in mind, these spaces are low maintenance, not ‘no maintenance’ so will involve some work, particularly initially for example, with watering & feeding to help plants establish.


Do you create public &/or private gardens?

Both, however in public spaces, there are additional safety, durability & multiple user needs which are explored as part of the Site Assessment & Consultation stages as well as long-term maintenance considerations.

How do I make sure my garden continues to thrive?

Whether a public space or private, it’s critical that’s there’s an enthusiastic & knowledgeable ‘gardener’ to take the lead – whether that’s you, a staff member or professional like us looking after the space.  In addition to the maintenance plans included in package 3, we offer maintenance visits, workshops, training & advice sessions based on your needs to make sure your new space thrives into the future.  If this is something you’re interested in, get in touch and we’ll be able to recommended the best option(s) for you.

What budget do I need to have my garden re-designed?

Our most frequently asked question!  Our job as designers is to create a design & plan that fits with how much you want to spend & this has to be decided by you.  Whatever your budget, we tailor the project to fit with you.  A few points worth bearing in mind..

  1. Our design fees are set. Once we’ve completed your initial visit whether in person or virtually we’ll draw up a quote for the Design Package you’re interested in tailored to your specific project. Once your design is complete, if you’d like to have us on hand for some extra advice as you bring the garden to life, we can quote for Package 4 – Build Advice & Assist.  This way you know exactly how much our fees are & what’s included, to allow you to decide whether you want to move forward & how much you want to put towards the garden itself.
  2. The more you do yourself, the more you’ll get for your money as labour is by far the most expensive element of any project which is why the ‘Design Realisation Guide’ included in Package 3 is so helpful.  While it costs a bit more initially, it will save you huge amounts of money on labour as it gives you the practical guidance on how to create all elements in your design yourself and decide what you feel happy taking on and what you’d prefer to hand over.  By creating features yourself, you also gain an in-depth knowledge of how to maintain them, thus keeping your garden looking fantastic for decades.  However, we realise this is of course not for everyone, which is where we can help working with your chosen landscape contractor to help bring your garden to life for you.
  3. We have a lot of clients who create long-term budgets for completing a garden over a period, rather than all at once. They might set an initial amount they want to spend on a specific key space to be enjoyed now and then a guide on how much they envisage spending each year after to complete other spaces.  The benefit of the ‘Design Realisation Guide’ is it can be tailored to this – Zoned and phased according to what budget(s) you want to spend over the years & so when to do what.  On the flip side, we also have clients who want a dream garden (which have included Spa Gardens & Swimming Lakes for example), no matter what it costs (within reason) and use the Design Realisation Guide to determine what Zones they’ll tackle based on which they can afford, and then budget for these over time.

If you have any other specific questions not covered here, feel free to call or email via our details below.