HOW TO: Grow your own Oyster Mushrooms

Given up on growing any crops at this time of year!? Well, Winter days can be a great excuse to try out some more quirky edibles. A few weeks ago a box of mushroom spawn landed on our doorstep & a fortnight later we were harvesting our first crop! It’s been such a thrill, so wanted to share the process of how to grow your own oyster mushrooms incase you’d like have a go too..


  • Large trugg of substrate (Straw / Coffee grounds both suitable). We used dried Fionnán aka Purple Moor Grass which grows all over the hills here with great success!)
  • 4 x 5l food grade plastic tubs with lids (We got ours from a local restaurant)
  • 1 spray bottle isopropyl alcohol (Available from most pharmacys)
  • 3kg oyster mushroom sprawn (Click here for the supplier we used) ** Store in the fridge until ready to use**
  • Power drill with 1 – 2.5cm wide drill bit attached


  1. If like us, you’re using dried Fionnán or straw, you’ll need to start the process 5-10 days before by ‘sterilising’ the material by submerging it in a clean bucket of water.
  2. Once the substrate is ready, prep the plastic tubs by drilling a 15-20 holes all over the sides then thoroughly clean.
  3. Wash your hands & any surfaces you’ll be working on then use the isopropyl alcohol to further sanitise your hands, surfaces & the inside of the plastic tubs. This stage is key to help ensure no contamination of the spawn.
  4. Take large handfuls of the substrate & place in the bottom of the tub, press down lightly, then sprinkle over a couple handfuls of the spawn & repeat until you get to the top of the tub. Then seal the top with the sterilised lid.
  5. Leave in a warm, draught free spot in your house until fruiting. Temperature needs to be around 24 deg C ideally. We kept ours in the Utility room where our thermostat is & therefore is the most consistent temperature.
  6. We were enjoying our first crop of oyster mushrooms after 14 days & should get a total of 3 crops, a week at a time.

Have a go & let us know how you get on! Tag us on our social media or email a photo to

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