HOW TO VIDEO: Improving Garden Soil

In this video Adam show you how to identify & then improve garden soil.

Ever wondered why your plants just aren’t growing much, they might look weak or riddled with pests & diseases!? The answer could well lie with your soil! With soils around the world increasingly depleted & devoid of life, the UN has estimated there are just 60 harvests left before they’re too barren to feed the planet & with some soils expected to yield multiple harvests per year, it’s exhaustion could come sooner than we might think. Us gardeners can help tackle this by nurturing healthy soil – the single best thing you can do to grow strong, vigorous, productive plants & thus a gorgeous garden!

This video includes how to:-

  1. Find out what type of soil you have,
  2. How to improve your soil to be able to grow a wide variety of plants.
  3. How to maintain healthy soil for years to come.

We hope you found this video useful. Need some more help with your garden & improving garden soil? We offer virtual gardening advice sessions, workshops & design services. For more visit:

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