January Gardening Tips

January is always a slow month for us, these cold dark days can be a real struggle. The best way to get through them is to take the pressure off as much as possible & make sure to get outside everyday for at least one brisk walk. Like our plants, we need a dormancy to refresh & recharge knowing that come February it’ll be all go again trimming hedges and shrubs before bird nesting season, coppicing hazels & willow and planting bare-root if the soil allows. No pressure, but if you’re feeling up to it, here are our five January gardening tips which focus on bringing you bursts of joy this month.

1. Order seeds for brighter days ahead.

Remember organic (for wildlife) and open pollinated (for seed saving) are best. We’re spoilt for choice in Ireland with Fruit Hill Farm, Brown Envelope Seeds and Irish Seedsavers but supplies are going quick so get your orders in asap.

2.  Clear & Tidy.

A tidy workspace is a healthy mind for the year ahead. I like to tidy things up, clean what I can so it’s all good to go. Sharpen your tools as well, nothing worse than getting into a job realising the shears are blunt. 

3. Small Jobs, Super Satisfying.

Whether raking a path, weeding a bit of the patio or planting up a pot to sit by your door or on a windowsill.  Take half an hour, choose a little task & get stuck in.  There’s nothing more motivating than realising how much can be done during a lunch-break or elevenses.  It’s also a great way to refresh the head from the all the sitting & screens at the moment.

4.  Rainy Day Wildlife Watching.

On rainy days we venture inside & tackle office work which can be quite the skin peel for me.  One of the things that helps me stay sane is having a bird feeding station outside the window & looking up every now & again to watch their aerial acrobatics.  It’s also a real thrill getting to know these regular visitors – we currently have Chaffinches, Robins, Great tits, Coal tits, Blue tits, Pied wagtails, a pair of Dunnocks & Blackbirds & a Song thrush drop by each day.  Once you start feeding wild birds it’s vital you continue to put food out until early Summer. For lots more information about feeding wild birds have a look at BirdWatch Ireland here. 

5. Take 5 to count 5!

Take five minutes to dive outside & see, smell or listen to five early signs of Spring. Even on the darkest days of January, the garden is already starting to burst back into life. Look for willow catkins, crocus flowers, snowdrops, the first frogspawn..see what treasures your garden, park or favorite walk has to be discovered!

We hope you found our January gardening tips useful. Need some more help with your Winter gardening!? We offer virtual gardening advice sessions, workshops & design services. For more visit:


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