November Gardening Tips

Read on for our five top tips of what to do & how in your garden in November.

1. Get your Garlic in the ground. 

I tend to grow soft neck varieties which I can store over winter for cooking.  Plant each plump clove two inches below the soil after adding some compost, I use my trowel for spacing.

2.  Keep soil covered.   

Winter with its wild winds and rain will damage any exposed soil – washing away valuable nutrients, organic matter & leave soil life exposed & vulnerable.  Best thing to do is leave your garden be, decaying foliage, weeds & all!  This is both to cover & fodder for your soil.  If you do expose any soil when moving, dividing or harvesting plants, cover it again with mulch whether it be compost, leaf litter or seaweed. 

3. Bring tender plants in.  

We grow a range of exotic edibles including citrus, tree tomatoes & chillies, Canna lillies & Dahlias which aren’t frost hardy so do need to be brought in for Winter.  This is as simple as digging them up (if planted out) & placing in trays (old fish crates are great!) with a sprinkling of old compost & sand/vermiculite for drainage & putting them somewhere frost-free like a poly tunnel, shed or garage.  Keep the compost barely damp so they don’t dry out but not wet otherwise you risk them rotting.

4.  Wish-lists. 

Rainy days are perfect for planning & writing wish lists of plants you want to add to your garden.  Bareroot season is near and Autumn is the perfect time to get your orders in for planting this Winter.

5.  Fill bird feeders.

With temperatures dropping, birds need more energy to keep warm & by encouraging them to visit your garden they’ll also help munch through any pests hanging on from the Summer.  Some of our Willow structures had long bands of aphids along their stems – no more thanks to our flying pest control team

We hope you found our December gardening tips useful! Need some more help with your Winter gardening!? We offer virtual gardening advice sessions, workshops & design services. For more visit:

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