Our Ultimate Garden Design Package!

In this post we wanted to share an exciting update on how we’re using Shoot Gardening to craft our ultimate Garden Design Package, giving you all the information, inspiration & confidence to not only get stuck in & make your dream garden a reality but connect with & care for it into the future!

Our Ultimate Garden Design Package with Shoot Gardening

Our Garden Design & Plan Package (no.3) is by far our most popular garden design service. It includes our unique Garden Realisation Guide – a detailed ‘How To’ guide on how to install & create every element of your new garden yourself or with your family. From when & how, to costs & suppliers, it gives you everything you need to plan & start your project with confidence! While it costs a little more up-front than our other design packages, it enables you to save on labour fees. Also during these COVID-times, the Realisation Guide enables you to crack on with transforming your garden without worrying about works stalling due to restrictions & by being involved every step of the way you /& your family will develop an incredible understanding of & connection with your new space. However, we wanted to help you not only re-imagine & then create your new garden but be able to really understand & care for it into the future, which is where Shoot Gardening comes in!

So what is ‘Shoot Gardening’? Shoot is the ‘Worlds leading online plant reference, garden planning & management system’. It’s a fantastic fit for us & our clients in that it’s key focus is the living, breathing, life-giving elements of a garden – the planting! From December 2020, we’ve been including a 12-month membership of Shoot in our Garden Design & Plan (Package 3), giving you a huge range of extra benefits:

  • Get to know the plants in your new garden. Shoot offers everything you’ll need to understand & appreciate the new & existing plants in your garden, from colour, scent & size with lots of photos so you can visualise the plants too. We group your plants into specific beds, borders or zones in your garden so you know what goes where. We also add in extra information tailored to your interests for example, any edible qualities or wildlife benefits of specific plants.
  • Caring for your garden. You get a bespoke Care Calendar, tailored by us to you & your garden. Each month you’ll be sent a list of garden projects & tasks to get stuck into, which can be ticked off once complete, so satisfying! You can also choose to share this list with someone else i.e. a Gardener who might be helping look after the garden.
  • Scale Plans & Planting Key. You get detailed scaled design plans & an accompanying planting key created by us so you can see every element of your new garden from paths to plants, their current or eventual size (once finished growing) & where they sit in your space.
  • Ongoing Learning, Inspiration & Ideas. The wider Shoot community also includes help identifying plants, pests or diseases to help grow your knowledge & confidence over time. For anything specific you can always come back to us!
Our Ultimate Garden Design Package with Shoot Gardening

Like the sound of our ultimate Garden Design Package!? Have lots of questions & or would like to discuss how we can help re-imagine your garden?

Book a complimentary Garden Discovery Call with us or visit our Garden Design Page here for more information about the different garden design services we offer & examples of our recent projects.

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