Coastal Clonakilty Garden

A seaside home & escape for the whole family.

 Step inside this garden

A large wildlife pond brings the water-filled views right up into the garden with surrounding pollinator planting & an orchard avenue of fruit for the whole family to feast on.  The next phases of this project will include developing a forest garden with perennial edibles behind the main house, a more formal potager-style herb garden to the front.

The re-imagining process

Dig deeper & explore the gardens journey so far..

The Client Brief

“We have been living in our house beside the sea for 18 years. When we moved in we had a few hedges around the perimeter and about an acre of grass and over the years we have planted some hedging, fruit trees and vegetables but we don’t have an overall vision.  We want a plan for us as a family where we can do most of the work ourselves & have a list of bite size projects that can be done by us as a family over a weekend or two. We want the garden to be as natural as possible and to be a haven for wildlife while working for us as a family with places to produce food, relax and play!  Our wish-list includes a vegetable patch, place for hens, a pond, an area for camping and a fire-pit, a play area and a few nice spots to sit and enjoy the garden and the sea views.”

The Design Process

This client chose Design Package 3 – Design & Plan which includes:

 In-depth Site Survey & Pre-Design Consultation

Draft Concept Design & mood boards

Final Design Master Plan (to scale)

Design Realisation Guide. 

Design Presentation & Consultation

The Build 

For this project Two Green Shoots delivered a Design & Plan & then it was over to the clients to use them to then bring the space to life!  They’ve been making fantastic progress, installing a large wildlife pond, a meadow for pollinators, a rainwater harvesting system & planting wind proof hedging along the boundary fence.  Next step, to start landscaping the gardens to the side of the house – exciting!

client testimonial

“Two Green Shoots ticked all the boxes for us!”  

“We got a very practical guide on how to transform our garden, project by project, with details of what we needed to do, what materials or plants to use, costings for everything so we knew how much to budget for each project & the order in which to complete things.  For example, starting with the most essential elements such as establishing a shelter belt to help protect the garden from the salty winds, before starting anything else!  We’re delighted to have already ticked quite a few projects off the list including the pond & wildflower meadow which has been so satisfying.  Also thrilled to say it’s working too – we’ve noticed a huge increase in wildlife in the garden as a result of what we’ve done so far.”