RECIPE: Boozy Berry Slither

Drunk all your sloe gin, wild strawberry brandy or blackberry vodka over the Christmas period!?  You’ll likely be left with a bottle of boozy berries.  Instead of sending them straight to the compost bin, save the berries to make a Slither!  Read on for our recipe on how to make this berry-infused drink.

What actually is Slither you might ask!? In essence, it’s a boozy berry infused cider. Why ‘Slither’ though!? The honest answer is I don’t know where the name comes from. This recipe for Boozy Berry Slither is adapted from one I found in an old book which has since disappeared into the ether. The definite thing is.. this drink’s delicious!

What you’ll need..

  • Cider (as much as you want to make)
  • Leftover boozy berries (From making sloe gin, wild strawberry brandy, blackberry vodka or any other berry liquor)
  • Large Jar/Bottle

What to do with it all..

  1. Depending on how many leftover berries you have, either get the bottle containing the berries you used to make your sloe gin in (or other festive liquoir) & re-fill with cider OR add all of the berries to a large jar & fill with cider.
  2. Leave for a minimum of 3 months to infuse in a cool dark place.
  3. Taste & once happy with the flavour, siphon off the liquid into bottles for storage.
  4. Can be enjoyed warmed up as a brew on cold early Spring days or chilled in the fridge for the first days of Summer!
  5. Finally, once finished infusing a second time, those extra boozy berries can be added to fruit leathers, fruit crumbles or jams (as long as no stones for the two latter i.e. blackberries or wild strawberries good!).

We hope you enjoy making this recipe for Boozy Berry Slither! Let us know how you get on via Facebook or Instagram.

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