SEASONAL RECIPE: Wild Garlic Flatbread

Despite February’s icy winds, snow & driving rain, the first brave three cornered leek has started to emerge in the woods! This recipe is a celebration of this first flush of these delicious greens & have been our go-to for super quick lunches alongside soups or evening feasts with curry or stew. Use either Wild Garlic also know as Ramsons (pictured to right) or like us Three Cornered Leek (pictured to left).


(Makes two flatbreads)

  • 200g Plain flour
  • 1tbsp Baking powder
  • 2tbsp Yoghurt
  • 2 tbsp Chopped Three Cornered Leek or Wild Garlic (Ramsons)
  • Knob of butter
  • Pinch of Salt

How to

  1. Make the flatbread dough by putting all the ingredients in a bowl (bar butter & chopped garlic) & mix adding just enough warm water to bring together into medium stiff dough. Then divide in half & roll to form a flat disc, roughly 5mm thick.
  2. Heat a splash of oil in a pan & fry the breads on either side until light golden brown then remove from pan & set to one side.
  3. Heat the butter in the frying plan, add the chopped three cornered leek & fry for a couple minutes to infuse.
  4. Pour the garlic butter over breads & serve!  We love to eat these with soup & salad, curries or stews – YUM!

Hope you enjoy these as much as we have. If you’d like help identifying these two plants, get in touch, if we get enough demand we’ll put on a virtual Spring foraging course! Keep an eye on our experiences page for details. In the meantime there are some fantastic resources online like this video by Eat Weeds.

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